It could be a ten year, perhaps twenty year wedding anniversary when memories come flooding back!

Time spent with best friends looking at wedding dresses, the surprise or long engagement and the search together for that place which would be just perfect for the celebration of love and the promise of a lifetime together. Somewhere that would mean something special, reflect the way you both are in the world and how you see that experienced reflected in the friends and family brought together to enjoy and be a part of the wedding celebrations!

Wedding Cake

Looking back, will it be the wedding cake perhaps the photography reminding you of the moments with bridesmaids, the walk through street or fields in that carefully selected wedding dress or the warmth of time spent with loved ones over the course of days moving from one scene to another, your own personal play unfolding as you both imagined it. A time that was made special by it's setting, it's privacy perhaps and the fact that it was yours alone to celebrate the very wedding days and nights you both imagined.

Wedding Invitations

In the Irish countryside that's what Ballilogue has become. The stage set for your very own play, a wedding invitation to Ireland's Ancient East, the theatre a combination and fusion of modernist architecture and Irish rural tradition in the beautiful south Kilkenny countryside. Looking back from afar in the years ahead, it might be detail of craft and design or the open hospitality that's remembered. Perhaps none of that, just a feeling that this restored hamlet at Ballilogue was yours alone for those special days of wedding celebration, your home from home in Ireland's South East!


Photographs and videos bring back those moments. A wedding ceremony in the walled garden; champagne and canapes in the glass atrium; music in Mrs Meaney's Cottage; dining and the wedding feast in the grand marquee. Dancing in the Old Dairy. The bride and groom write the script in this movable feast amidst wildflower gardens, orchards and Kilkenny stone farmhouses, barns and cottages. All part of that performance, the private theatre for the wedding celebration long remembered as well as the bohereens filled with birdsong and the pretty villages, like Inistioge and Woodstock gardens that are part too of the memories made in those remembered days and nights at Ballilogue.

Wedding cake,bridesmaids and laughter too!

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