A Private Journey: Irish Tradition and Modern Ireland

Bespoke Irish travel experience

There is a hunger among International travellers for design focussed bespoke travel experiences of the kind that allows the traveller or group to ‘tap into the provenance of an object or a location, celebrating what’s intrinsic to a place’.

This was a comment recently in the Financial Times by David Prior of the members-only travel club Prior. Rather than the experience of staying in hotels this discerning traveller is looking for a journey that is different and resonates with their interest in design, art, provenance and history.

Living the Irish experience

We see this with family and friend groups at Ballilogue over recent years. The private nature of the restored and preserved Irish hamlet in the Kilkenny countryside has a certain resonance. The fact that these travellers can inhabit the preserved and re-imagined spaces from 1800 and before, lived in by the same family from pre-famine times with its artifacts of Irish rural living and the opportunity to experience dining, cocktails, music and meditation with all the senses engaged in the experience privately.

Architectural expression

The juxtaposition of this tradition with Kilkenny stone facades in the dairy and houses of Ballilogue and the modernist, light filled interiors so cleverly designed by the Sterling shortlisted Architects Guard, Tillman, Pollack is both engaging and practical. It's a joy to those travellers who want to experience and have the opportunity to live in these designed series of houses all different yet with a confident and bold architectural expression. Sometimes the details of the process and design is part of what makes going to a unique place so special and seeing it as part of the bigger picture of its location and environment.

Design and detail

At Ballilogue it’s that unique and different juxtaposition of tradition and modernity that is so beautifully combined with the carefully considered interiors spaces and gardens.

Irish art and ceramics sit alongside Le Corbusier and Florence Knoll sofas, opening on to outdoor spaces through sliding glass where sustainable wildflower meadows sit alongside perennial planting. In a way it's a celebration of the value of preserving the unique stories of the past with contemporary design and innovation for those who come to linger and value the experience of this Irish luxury private rental.

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